Bespoke Financing Solutions

Customized to Meet the Needs of Your Business

Monarch Bridge has been established to provide innovative financial solutions to small and medium-sized private Canadian businesses (SMEs) seeking financing for growth initiatives, acquisitions, refinancing of existing debt, recapitalization and leveraged management/shareholder buyouts to facilitate business owners’ succession plans.

Historically, Monarch Bridge has focused on the large and growing market of retiring SME owners who have had few, if any, options to provide financing for their succession planning and management transition strategies.  We have provided an alternative to the significant equity dilution, loss of control and/or restrictive covenants of more traditional financing options that often unduly constrain the operation and management of the business.

While continuing to provide innovative financing options to retiring SME owners, Monarch Bridge has also recently expanded its offering of financing alternatives in an effort to provide a more complete set of financing solutions to Canadian private businesses.  If your business needs financing, we partner with you to find the right solution for your business, regardless of your planned use of proceeds.

If you have a strong management team, operate in an industry with strong long-term fundamentals and a sustainable market and can demonstrate a history of positive cash flow and strong near-term potential, give us a call for all of your financing needs.  We can structure solutions that traditional debt and equity providers will not.



Jon is the President & CEO of Monarch Bridge Financial Inc.

Jon founded Monarch Bridge in 2016. Jon also serves on the board of directors of Monarch Bridge. He oversees the operations of Monarch Bridge including managing the investment process, deal origination and portfolio management. He plays a key role in the relationships that are created with our Partner companies.

Prior to founding Monarch Bridge, Jon spent 12 years investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) throughout North America as Managing Director of Northwater Capital Management Inc., a Toronto-based private equity manager focused on small businesses with rich intellectual and intangible property portfolios.  Together with his partners at Northwater, Jon managed three intellectual property portfolios with approximately $500M in committed capital.

Jon began his career as a lawyer at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP where his practice focused on private company M&A and investment fund advisory work.  Jon has been recognized by his peers since 2014 as one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists by Intellectual Asset Management magazine.


We are looking to partner with strong, stable, private corporations that are seeking capital to:

  • Finance the transfer of ownership from an owner-operator to incumbent management teams through management and/or shareholder buyouts,
  • Finance growth initiatives,
  • Finance acquisitions,
  • Refinance existing debt obligations, or
  • Recapitalize the organization.


Monarch Bridge is looking for Partners that meet the following specific criteria:

  • More than 2 years of historical profitable operation with a track record of sustainable free cash flow
  • History of stable revenue generation
  • Minimum of $5M in annual gross revenues
  • Gross margins in excess of 15%
  • Reasonable levels of existing leverage

We are industry agnostic and generally seek Partners that exhibit the following qualities:

  • Strong, credible and stable management teams with industry and firm specific experience and a reasonable level of personal investment
  • Operating in industries with strong long-term fundamentals
  • Strong growth prospects
  • Mature businesses with low capex requirements
  • Defensible and increasing market share with strong competitive advantage
  • Low cyclicality

Monarch Bridge will not invest in pre-revenue start-ups or other early stage companies.


Monarch Bridge will invest up to $25M in Partners meeting the criteria outlined above to facilitate the following:

  • Full or partial management and/or shareholder buyouts in an effort to allow for generational transfer of the management of the business as part of an owner-operator’s succession plan
  • Growth financing to fund growth initiatives of the company
  • Acquisition financing to fund M&A and other purchases
  • Company recapitalizations
  • Refinancing of existing debt obligations


Monarch Bridge structures investments as an alternative to equity and traditional debt financing. Our loan structures are designed to meet the needs of Canadian private companies, whatever your financing needs may be.

The structure of each investment is flexible but generally speaking we offer the following financing options:

  • Senior loan facilities
  • Revolving loans
  • Senior stretch loans / hybrid structures providing both senior and mezzanine facilities
  • Revenue-based loans with principal and interest repayments based on a fixed percentage of top-line revenues
  • Syndicated loans

Monarch Bridge will work with you to meet your business financing needs and structure a solution that makes sense for your business.  We offer truly bespoke solutions and strive to understand your business often spotting value that other traditional lenders may overlook or under value.

Please contact us for additional details regarding the various investment structures available to our Partners.


We believe that the best outcomes in any financial transaction are generated by creating investment structures that create a win-win partnership between the source of financing and the underlying portfolio company. We seek to establish strong relationships with our Partners and we work with each Partner to accommodate their specific needs. We believe the following attributes of our investment structures will be attractive to our Partners.


Contact us today to learn about our various investment structures and let us help you accomplish your business goals.



President & CEO
T: 416.725.1334


President & CEO
T: 416.725.1334